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Gryffynwood is a disability service started by Ed and Rosana Tyler who have two adult sons with disabilities.  One has Down Syndrome and the other is autistic. Rosana and Ed know only too well the difficulties faced by parents and carers in finding employment, activities, and respite care for their children.  Often care for our children is well intentioned but either not entirely suitable or not of very good quality.  Dealing with the NDIS is often fraught.  We understand because that is our reality too.

As parents and carers age we worry about what the future holds for our children when we become elderly or are no longer around.   In 2018 we purchased a 100 acre farm in the Upper Hunter where we are busy creating a disability farm.  There we are establishing a working garden centre which will later feature a cafe.  We will build accommodation that will include farmworker accommodation as well as accommodation to become a forever home for disabled adults.

At Sydenham, where the office is located, Gryffynwood operates a shop selling a variety of goods including products made by disabled people in local businesses.  We are a NDIS registered provider.   We operate a work readiness program as well as day programs helping to develop daily living and life skills, as well as group and centre based activities . 

Gryffynwood works with local businesses to encourage them to hire people with disabilities so they have the chance of meaningful employment.  We hope you will join us on the journey to a better quality of life.

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Our disability services

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Participation in Community, Social and Civil Activities.

Group and Centre Based Activities

Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment and Higher Education

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Our Services

Committed to you


Participation in Community, Social and Civil Activities

Gryffynwood offers quality social and recreational activities, both in a group and one on one.  Being part of the community is important to mental health and well being.

Gryffynwood schedules regular activities during the week, as well as weekend camps in the Upper Hunter Valley, where you can feed the alpaca, Brandy and Crunchy, at Gryffynwood Farm.  You can take part in farm activities such as planting trees.

Group and Centre Based Activities

Gryffynwood operates a gift shop in Sydenham selling gifts as well as goods made locally by businesses employing disabled young adults.  The gift shop provides employment for people with a range of disabilities who often face barriers to obtaining meaningful employment.  The gift shop is close to Sydenham Station.  It is a hub and point of contact between the community and participants. 

The shop is a place where activities start.  Social and recreational activities are held at the shop and in the community.  You can choose from a wide range of activities including one on one.

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Weekend camps

A rural adventure

Visit Gryffynwood Farm

Once a month, Gryffynwood escapes to the country!  Departing on Friday morning and returning on Sunday evening, we travel in a small bus to a local town close to the farm, stopping along the way for comfort stops and lunch.  Participants stay in comfortable accommodation, visiting the farm to feed the alpaca, look at the kangaroos, ride a horse, kick a ball or play basketball, visit the vineyards, have a BBQ or simply relax in the fresh air and peaceful countryside.  It is the perfect escape for those suffering sensory overload to achieve some quiet downtime.

For those who like to be active, there is so much to see and do, and we even visit one of the bigger towns to catch a movie. There are numerous vineyards and olive groves to explore, cafes, sporting grounds and much more.

If you want a more hands on experience, there is plenty of work on the farm, gardening and planting trees.

Enquire now for our next departure and book in for an adventure to remember!

Coming soon

Gryffynwood is currently building the gardens and garden centre at Gryffynwood Farm, to be followed by a cafe,  special disability and tourist accommodation, and a venue for weddings.  The farm will provide employment and a forever home for participants. 

The purpose of the farm is to provide employment in the garden centre, working as farm hands, as kitchen hands in the function centre and cafe, bakery and dairy, and cleaners at the function centre, cafe and tourist accommodation.

The gardens will not only provide a spectacular backdrop for a range of activities, but also provide food for participants and tourists, as well as produce to sell at the local markets.

Keep an eye on this space for updates!

We are now taking bookings for our weekend camps, staying at comfortable accommodation in the Upper Hunter Valley.  Enquire now for details.

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Our Services

Providing the best disability support services

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Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

We are committed to helping you lead an independent and fulfilling life.  Our staff will work with you to choose activities that enhance your participation in the community and help to give you the skills to live as independently as possible.  You can choose a program tailored to your specific needs.

Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or Higher Education

Finding meaningful employment can be very difficult when you have a disability. Often jobs simply do not exist.

Working in open employment provides simple and everyday interactions that help to improve a variety of skills and build friendships and confidence.

Gryffynwood is committed to working with employers in the local area to find opportunities in open employment.

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Contact us to find out about our group and centre based activities, as well as our one on one activities.

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Our response and responsibility

Gryffynwood will continue to deliver services during the pandemic.  We will ensure that staff and participants engage in social distancing.  We wash our hands regularly during the day and disinfect work surfaces, tables,  door handles and handrails to prevent contamination. We understand that you may feel uneasy at this time and will be flexible in care and work arrangements. We closed the shop termporarily to avoid contamination. If you are concerned or want more information contact the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.

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