About Gryffynwood

Welcome to the Gryffynwood journals. The last website I built took several years of very hard work. This one is already several decades in the making, as I slowly figure out the “how to’s,” and the “how not to’s” of thriving as a human being. Mind, body and soul – plus all the messy yet very elegant and simple ingredients necessary for learning to live a rich life.

I share some of what I have learned on these pages as my way of saying “thanks” to all of my teachers – the good, the bad and the ugly. Take what you need, let go what doesn’t work for you, be gentle on yourself as you make mistakes learning, and always, always remember to “pay it forward.”

In the autumn night

redtail hawk feather

Redtail hawk feather

when there’s no wind blowin’

I could hear the stars falling in the dark

when you find what’s worth keeping

with a breath of kindness blow the rest away.

      Robbie Robertson, “Golden Feather”